For SMEs & Start-Ups

Ivydale can work with you to design and deliver tailored coaching packages to meet your organisation’s needs, regardless of your size or stage of growth. 

Ivydale partners with clients to promote alignment between the needs of the organisation and the needs of its people. Whilst each engagement is different, here are some of the areas in which Ivydale can support your organisation:

  • Leadership development –  supporting you to build a robust and resilient leadership team and management tier, and develop a pipeline of future leaders.

  • Performance – working with  individuals or teams to build awareness and professional growth and retain high-performers.

  • Strategy - working with you to promote clarity and focus on your organisational objectives and how you can achieve them.

  • Exit planning - supporting your exit strategy development and organisational development.

  • Resilience and sustainability - creating space to step back, reflect, and review medium-long term growth and sustainability strategies. 


Ivydale measures the effectiveness of its coaching and outcomes to enable you to track progress.