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For Social Sector 

Ivydale can partner with you to design and deliver tailored coaching programmes to meet your organisation’s needs, ensuring complementarity with existing learning and development initiatives, where applicable. 

Ivydale partners with clients to promote alignment between the needs of the organisation and the needs of its people.  Through this process, Ivydale can improve efficiency and productivity, and can contribute to the sustainability of your organisation.  Whilst each engagement is different, here are some of the areas in which Ivydale can support:

  • Leadership development – working with executives and high potentials within your organisation to build a robust and resilient leadership team and talent pipeline.

  • Inclusive culture – building an inclusive working culture and diverse talent pipeline through providing timely interventions to support under-represented or marginalised groups, as well as creating awareness of obstacles to inclusion such as processes or behaviours.   

  • Wellbeing – supporting individuals to ensure a healthy 'work-life balance' and put strategies in place to help people thrive. 

  • Sustainability - partnering with organisations to catalyse sustainability transformation.


Ivydale measures of the effectiveness of its coaching and outcomes.   

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