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Scale Impact
For Sustainability Transformation

Ivydale, in partnership with Bright Green, has developed Scale Impact in response to the challenges the companies we work with face in executing sustainability strategy. 

Accessible digital learning helping organisations deliver sustainability transformation for impact at scale

Are you looking to build ownership of your sustainability ambitions throughout your organisation? Do your people struggle with developing, executing, and evaluating sustainability initiatives? Are you ready to develop the skills and behaviors needed for successful sustainability transformation, across all levels of the organisation? 

Scale Impact is your partner for the sustainability transformation journey. Scale Impact embeds relevant skills and behaviours at all levels of your organisation to help you overcome the implementation challenges of sustainability transformation. With Scale Impact, you can expect to engage all your internal stakeholders to deliver on your sustainability strategy.  
A scalable and accessible platform
Scale Impact offers engaging and accessible content to build the technical and soft skills your organisation needs to keep pace with complex and fast-moving sustainability and ESG requirements.  Scale Impact delivers results through a combination of training and coaching, providing a rich variety of individual and group learning opportunities through a structured programme. 


We understand that being sustainable demands organisational transformation.  Our programme responds to your people’s needs throughout the transformation journey, providing them the skills, action-leaning opportunities, and peer-support they need to thrive through sustainability transformation, by activating your entire workforce as change agents delivering your sustainability strategy.
Learning through real sustainability journeys
Our team partners with sustainability leaders across multiple industries and functions. We bring a nuanced understanding of the challenges leaders face in translating their sustainability ambitions into reality. Combining sustainability transformation good practice experience acquired over 15 years in sustainable development consulting and 10 years in corporate Human Resources and Learning & Development, we provide focus and impactful learning outcomes for your people.
Take a proactive approach to overcoming your sustainability transformation challenges.

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